Gain faster laptimes by attending this workshop

Can you imagine your car comes into the pits, the driver complains about turn-in understeer in corners 4 and 7, and you have only 30 seconds to make your decision about what to adjust: springs, anti-rollbar, shocks, tyre pressure, aero, etc etc....? Only if you know the Five Magic Numbers of your car, you can make the decision within these 30 seconds indeed!!!

With the Workshop 'Magic Numbers of Racecars' you will gain all the necessary knowledge to make the right decisions in a few seconds.

Wenn: Saturday (afternoon) & Sunday(morning) March 23 & 24th, 2019 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Above drawing is is just one example of what you will learn in the Workshop. It shows how some necessary dimenions and measures are defined, such that RollAxis, RollArm and the position of the CoG's can be calculated. The course shows 170 of these diagrams, all available in a quality coursebook.


'Magic Numbers' helps engineers to get a better technical understanding of their racing car. The content of this course is based on the book 'Praxislehrgang Fahrdynamik' (english: Practical Course Vehicle Dynamics'), which is written in the German language by my co-author Prof Dr Ralph Pütz and myself. However, this course will be english spoken and the handout will be in english too.

This course is based on the fact that nowadays 99,99% of the competitors in motorracing use an existing car, be it new or used. But the question is how well do you know your car? Do you know the rollmoment exact in numbers? Do you know how the rollresistance is being distributed over the front and rearaxis? If you want to stiffen an axis, do you need stiffer springs or a stiffer anti-roll bar? Do you know how to measure the aerodynamic downforce and how this is distributed? What about the Ackermann geometry? etc...

Workshop magic Numbers is made for engineers in professional and top-amateur racing teams as well for automotive students and Mechanical engineering students, who would like to know their car better, and who would like to be able to improve the performance of the racing car by calculations rather than 'gut feeling'.

During the Workshop Magic Numbers the participants will learn how to measure and calculate the most important dimensions (Spring rate, Anti-roll bar spring rate, position of Roll centres, Motion Ratios and the position of the CofG in 3 dimensions).

Based on the results of these calculations very important values like the Rollmoment, Rollresistance and Load Transfer will be calculated. These values are key for the balance of the car during cornering. Besides that,basic measurement methods and calculations will be shown to determine the (aerodynamic) CDA and CLA values without visiting an expensive windtunnel. Also the theory of Ackermann will be explained and a method of determining it on your car will be given. Basic calculations on the shock absorber will be shown, which allows the user to very quickly find the initial shock setting. Finaly it is explained what steps could be taken to understand the transient phase in a corner (between steering-in and mid-cornering) with help from your data acquisition system.

The underlaying theories of all values and measurements will be explained in a clear manner, expended with lots of practical examples as experienced by myself.

The participant of this workshop will return to the team with lots of very usefull calculations and good ideas to prepare the car for next season. Especially the fact that the car will be set up much better initially will save a lot of expensive and time consuming testing at the track!

Please note that only a maximum of 14 participants can be accepted!


- In-house training for your own team
- individual consultancy, performance engineering
- Support of tests at the track, including the preparation of it