Q: do I know really everything about handling after this seminar?

Ton: no, I have been travelling around many racing tracks and teams during the past 40 years, and I still learn every day. It is virtually impossible to share all my knowledge in just 8 hours. But I will be teaching you how to assess the core of a problem and work towards a solution.

Q: so I can solve all of my problems afterwards?

Ton: that might be uncertain, but the seminar has been put together such that you wil be able to analyse your handling, which will lead to the root cause of the problem. And as soon as you know and understand the cause, you will learn to choose the right solution.

Q: where and how long have you been giving this seminar?

Ton: this seminar is given on a regular basis in Germany (in the German  language), and in The Netherlands and Belgium (in Dutch).

Please see: www.cursuswegligging.nl and www.lehrgang-strassenlage.de.

Over 500 persons were there before you! Amongst them top drivers like Max Verstappen.


Q: I do have so many questions about my car that I might not be able to post them during the seminar. How do I get my answers then?

Ton: depending on the content and quantity of the questions I will decide whether I can help you directly after the seminar or later on. In some cases it might be better to discuss the question with the car near us, so in your workshop or in the paddock during a race of testsession. We need to make a separate appointment in that case.


Q: I see nothing about Data Acquisition, is that right?

Ton: that’s partly right. I concentrate on the basics of handling (like inertia, weight transfer etc) such that you will be able to better understand what’s happening in the suspension system. With that knowledge you will be able to better interprete the graphs and tables produced by your DA-system. But I do use graphs which are produced by a Data Acquisition System to clarify my lessons. However, my seminar is not a DA system user traning. This does not take away that my seminar is given often to MoTeC users.


Q: my DA system also generates data about the engine. Do you cover that too?

Ton: No. Only the handling of a racing car is being discussed.


Q: do I know all the settings (like camber, caster, tyre pressure etc) for my particular car after the seminar?

Ton: No. It is impossible to provide all of these data for all sorts of cars individually. But you will learn how to generate the right settings by yourself.


Q: for what kind of racing cars is this seminar suitable?

Ton: I concentrate mainly on salooncars, sportscars and formula cars for racing on tracks and rally. Drivers of karts and oval racing might pick up usefull things, but I am not aiming at these disciplines.


Q: I do have a thorough knowledge already. I would like to get much more theory than in this 8-hour seminar. What should I do?

Ton: You might be interested in the seminar of Claude Rouelle from Optimum-G. He offers various seminars at an accademic level, which lasts three days, and are really excellent! Pls have a look at http://www.optimumg.com/