Ton Serné finished his study Mechanical Engineering with a thesis about ‘Handling of Racingcars’. During and after his study he was mechanic in miscellaneous Formula classes, a.o. Formula 1 with the Ensign based Boro team (driver: Gijs van Lennep). Also he raced Formula Ford himself. During the period that he lived in Germany, Ton was teammanager of the Bross Formula 3 team, with which team he won the European EFDA cup in 1987.  

Later on he raced various salooncars like Seat Ibiza and VW Golg GTi. Also he is visiting lecturer ‘Handing of Racing cars’ at the Dutch school for Automotive Studies.

Currently Ton is involved in the development of the handling (design of the suspension, geometry, dynamics of the springsystem, laptime simulation etc) of a new GT4 project.

Together with Prof.Dr. Ralph Pütz from Germany he published (Aug'17) a (German language) book titled 'Rennwagentechnik - Praxislehrgang Fahrdynamik'. In English: 'Racing Car technology - Practical Course for Vehicle Dynamics'.